Ang Peregrino” (the Peregrine) is the Filipino term for The Pilgrim (one who goes on a peregrination or pilgrimage). They say that there is a stark difference between those who go on pilgrimage and those who go on tour: tourists sight-see, pilgrims heart-see. Pilgrims go into a place and something is stirred within and they’re never the same again. For pilgrims, the journey is as important as the destination. For pilgrims, life is holy ground: burning bushes abound. And every moment is potentially a moment of sandal-taking and bowing in reverence before the holy.

This blog is my (and others’) pilgrim thoughts on society (the things that happen outside us) and spirituality (what happens inside us). I am also experimenting with reflections on the intersection between society and spirituality — sustainability. I am currently reflecting (and this is an ongoing collective reflection, and I’d like you to add your voice into this conversation!) on the value of silence in the interstices of society and spirituality. We need some silence in spirituality — in order to contemplate and see things better, deeper, and in order to have a wider, longer view of things. We also need a collective silence in society — to be able to put up a mirror to the world and say, “Hey, this is what’s happening! We’re all doing it the wrong way!” Or to realize that we are on the right track. Or that we are on the way to something good, something better.

It is interesting to note that the best leaders of society this world has known are the ones who have found silence in themselves, and in turn have spread this silence in their leadership: leaders who are self-reflecting, self-effacing, who have not been afraid to face themselves, and have led not with the force of their arms but the strength of their spirit: men and women like Nelson Mandela, Aung San Syu Kyi, Confucius, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, John Paul the Great, Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama, Cory Aquino, Mikhail Gorbachev, Marcus Aurelius, Zarathustra, Mohamed the Prophet, Jesus Christ.

Let this blog be a way for this silence to spread.

Some of my inspirations in making this blog:

1) Friends and readers-who-have-become-friends who have given me encouragement to continue to write, and who have submitted their own articles and posts. Their articles will be posted in the coming days and months.

2) My family. My parents have been very supportive of this blog since they found out I blogged! They’ve forwarded my articles to their friends, other relatives, and officemates, quoted it in talks they give, and even printed them and posted them in their office bulletin boards! There was a time when I didn’t have readers, but I continued on writing because I knew some people were reading what I wrote. This new blog is in gratitude for their support over the years.

3) Seven Generation Sustainability. This is an ecological concept that urges our current generation of humans to live sustainably and work for the benefit of those who will come after us–seven generations into the future.

It originated with the Iroquois – who urges their Council of Elders to contemplate the faces of their great, great, great, great, great grandchildren — the unborn of the future Nation –when they make their decisions today. “What about the seventh generation? Where are you taking them? What will they have?”

4) The Council of Dads. Please check out Little Secrets. I have been inspired by this concept of distilling our collective knowledge for future generations to learn from and to be inspired about.

5) Zero-waste Sustainability. The idea is something that we are gradually advocating for all out clients. It is a term for facilities and businesses that try to re-use, recycle and find ways to make use of their wastes as input for other processes. While an ideal standard for now, it is always good to be always approaching zero-waste. My dream is for every company I work with to implement a thinking process I’m experimenting with so that waste is not wasted.

If you have your own pilgrim thoughts and you want to add to the conversation, please send these to me via email (send to admin@angperegrino.com) in doc/pdf format or as email inline text. Details here.

Thank you for visiting AngPeregrino! Let our pilgrimage begin!

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  1. Your mission if life is so courageous, I am looking for a meaningful way to explore my spirituality. After spending some time on your blog and reading you bio and mission in life you care about many things I care about: sustainability, future generations and in a simplistic way not to look to things for happiness but look around you, nature. I am looking forward to your and older and new articles and taking time to explore some more. Thanks for sharing your life.

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